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$150   Advocate - Includes Spouse/Partner*
$250   Supporter - Includes Spouse/Partner*
$500   Patron - Includes Spouse/Partner*
$1000 Producer - Includes Spouse/Partner*
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Robert Howell 
VP Membership




(As of 10/13/2021)
The Guild appreciates those members who join in the categories listed below, since their higher levels of giving enhance the services and programs of the Guild. Anyone wishing to join this distinguished list should contact Robert Howell, Vice President - Membership.

Producer ($1000)
Jennifer and Peter Altabef
Linda and Bill Custard
Carol Meyer

Patron ($500)
Mickie and Jeffrey Bragalone
Diane and Hal Brierley
Florence Cox, Ph.D.
Claudia and Scott Davis
Kathleen Foley
Craig Haynes
Angela and John Howell
JB and Todd Nehlich
Vicki and Kent Newsom
Carol and John Levy
Teri and John Shaffer
Bob Tonti
Sarah and Don Warnecke

Supporter ($250)
Tina and John Barry
Suzanne Caruso and Stephen Saldanha
Mary and Roger Cunningham
Barbara Goldfarb
Kathleen Messina and Gary Goodwin
Sarah Howell
Kristie and Greg Konstans
Judy and J.C. Mathis
Deborah McMurray and Glen Davison
Katherine and Bob Penn
Stephanie and David Russakov

Advocate ($150)
Joe Abbey
Barbara Clay and Kenneth Bernstein
Judy Birchfield
Patti and John Cody
Claire and Dale Cunningham
Dorothy and Steve Davis
Sally and Thomas Dunning
Marsha and John Durney
Ireta and Harrell Ellis
Robbe and Robert Epstein
Susan Falvo
Joan Flatt
Julie Goldfarb
Stephanie and Robert Haley, MD
Robert Howell
Marla and Howard Janco
Melinda and Jim Johnson
Sylvia and David Kidd
Teresa and Luther King
Betsy and Keith Kinney
Barbara and Sam McKenney
Paula and Scott Orr
Sarah Roby
Pat Pace
Rodolfo Salas
Hamilton Sneed
Daniel Waldmann and Giles Davidson
Donna Wilhelm
Jerry Zvonecek