Board of Directors 2017-2018
Position Person(s)
President Lance Hancock
Bylaws John Howell
Public Works Mickie Bragalone
Presidents’ Council Claire Cunningham & Dorothy Davis
President-Elect April Bosworth & Suzanne Palmlund
VP-Theater Services Trey Birkhead
Adopt-an-Artist Margaret LaRocca
Christmas Carol Collections Craig Haynes
Christmas Eve Meal Ginger Snider
Lobby Greeters Pat Hastings
Meet-and-Greet Jean Stoner & Charlene Kalinski
Staff Appreciation Hamilton Sneed & Ginger Snider
Tech Dinners Marla & Howard Janco
VP-Meetings and Events Kaki Hopkins
First General Meeting Craig Haynes
Second General Meeting/Holiday Party Kaki Hopkins & Sarah Warnecke
Third General Meeting Suzanne Caruso & Eleanor Casey
Fourth General Meeting Kersten Rettig
Spring Joint Event Marilyn Halla
Salon Series Stephanie & Robert Haley
Guild Performance at DTC Peggy Shuman & Kathy Cullen
VP-Membership Karen Urie
Communications Support Joan Collins
VP-Yearbook Sarah Warnecke & John Howell
VP-Member Development April Bosworth
New Member Mentor Kathleen Lohr
Member Development Liaison Joan Collins
VP-Communications Kristin Durney
Newsletter Don Warnecke
Social Media Kristin Durney
e-Blasts/Website Maintenance Deborah Brown
VP-Special Projects Vicki Newsom
Treasurer Mary & Roger Cunningham
Endowment JB Nehlich
Electronic Payments Martin Rubin & Vicki Newsom
Recording Secretary Don Warnecke
Corresponding Secretary Pat Pace
Historian Judy Birchfield
Parliamentarian John Howell
At Large Diane Brierley
  Nan-Elizabeth Byorum
  Mary Lee Cox
  Rocky Ford
  Kristie Konstans
  Judy Mathis
  Karol Omlor
  Jeff Woodward