There is a lot happening in the Guild!
There are Theater Service Activities, in which Guild volunteers provide services to DTC actors and staff while interacting with them directly. Member Benefit Activities mix educational and social components at attractive venues across the city - and occasionally beyond. Administrative duties of the Guild include membership, communications, financial, and general management responsibilities.

     Theater Service Activities     


As work on each show begins, Guild volunteers listen to the Artistic Director's high-energy introduction of the piece and meet the design artists, cast stars, and production team. Members of the DTC Board of Trustees will also be present. Guild members provide food for these luncheons.

Tech Dinners

The cast and crew are rewarded with a dinner donated by Guild members after many hours of rehearsals and technical adjustments. Then it's back to work, getting ready for opening night. The conversations are captivating!

Lobby Greeters

Guild volunteers greet theater-goers and point them in the right direction at the Wyly and Kalita Humphries theaters. For some guests, it may be their first time. It may also be an opportunity to invite them to join the Guild.


This program provides a genuine Texas welcome for out-of-town cast members. It leads to fascinating one-on-one conversations with actors!

Staff Appreciation Luncheon

Join in the fun to celebrate the untiring work of the DTC staff, and chat with them about what they do. Their jobs are interesting!